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How I Started My Bipo Journal ~ Manic-Style

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So, I used to journal regularly for about 15 years.  It was mostly paragraphs and some keepsakes stuffed between the pages.  Then I got divorced and gave up since I felt like a failure.  But that was over 10 years ago now.  Not only have I done some growing up but so has journaling.  I think the journal ran of with the scrapbook and they’ve been making love babies ever since!  There are all kinds of journals now and they are as individual as the people making them. I got interested in bullet journals.  I’ve just started to incorporate that into my own “thing”..

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started bullet journal

As you can see above I had to redo my habit of writing in a paragraph to put it in a bullet list, then I decided to prioritize my list by colors just to add some pop to the page for fun.  I found a spiral bound journal at Walmart for a few bucks and another journal at Walmart that is a small three-ring binder by AVERY.  The binder was a couple of bucks and the packages of lined paper, protective sleeves or section dividers were a couple of bucks each.  It seemed a lot to buy at the time but I’ve decided I want a hybridized journal/mood&symptom tracker/scratch pad/scrapbook/general idea-catcher for my journal.

journal components
hybridized catch-all journal

Obviously a regular 8.5 x 11 ruled binder and paper would be less expensive and just as fun or any pre-bound lined or unlined journal would do.  Originally I was going to get a bound note book from the Hallmark store, then I looked at pre-bound books at Walgreens.  Finally I ended up at Walmart- good ‘n’ cheap where I could justify spending a little more when I found the pink and gold binder and it’s components.  The problem was I kept going back to the journals like the one on the left which had lined paper, graph paper, and blank sheets too.  I’m a total paper-o-phile and book junkie.  I love how they feel and smell and flip through your thumb and finger.  I probably shoulda been a librarian.

two types of journals
I’m a paper junkie! Office supplies here I come…

What’s more on my journal idea plate is I found this! TA-DAH!!

journal prompts bipolar
bipolar journal prompts

When I saw what it contained I knew I had to have it and it thrust me toward getting the journal.  I had been mood tracking and my therapist got so much great info to interpret back to me that I’m totally converted to the whole mess!!  As she interpreted the data it was a revelation to discover I was doing even better than I thought I was !?? WHAAA?!  When do you ever hear you get a gold star on something as a grown up?!!  So when I saw Kay’s prompts and read through them I knew they would trigger some rich journaling and some more revelations for gold stars as well as some things to work on.
contents page
contents page

Kay has some great tips for how to use the prompts like sequentially working through the e-book front to back or sequentially through each section or even sequentially throughout the sections by sequential number.  All of that makes perfect sense and is beautifully sequential..  BUT I’m the last suggestion kinda girl..  diggin’ it random!  I just write under the date the section name and prompt number so I don’t even have to rewrite the question.

depression section question number twelve
depression section question #12

Here’s a section intro~~

signs and symptoms section introduction
section introduction – signs & symptoms

Anyway I got so manic over the whole idea that I used the MS Publisher program I had to shrink down Kay’s e-book pages to 5.5 x 8.5 and put them in the protective sleeves to my three-ring binder.

journal prompts in protective sleeves
Yay! protective sleeves now the pages are IMMORTAL… bwah ha ha ha

The shrinking and printing kept me busy for an hour or two once I figured out how to move the pages to and from her .pdf format with the computer’s clip board.

sleeved contents' page
sleeved contents’ page

Kay also has some daily mood tracker pages that I copied and shrunk to use along with a design I mutated that was given to me by the_bipolar_barbie on Instagram.

daily mood tracker
daily mood tracker
mood trackers for journal
Kay’s mood trackers can be sized down or left full size. I think they print better 8.5×11

To get this graph mood tracker all I had to do was make a small donation to the_bipolar_barbie’s gofundme page for helping cover the cost of training for her dog Northy to become her official service dog in Australia.  She emailed a .pdf to me.  On the gofundme comments I just had to let her know I wanted a copy of her mood tracker. Then I altered with things I needed to track.  Also I DO NOT get any monetary compensation from the_bipolar_barbie or from Northy’s gofundme account!  Just sayin’.

graph mood tracker
Morphed tracker thanks to the_bipolar_barbie on Instagram


Aside from how attractive Kay’s mood trackers are there is the bonus that they are totally FREE! Yum! They are so cute they are almost edible, I mean I like paper, but “I’ve drawn a line”  har har har.

The journal prompts are a bit more sophisticated and must’ve taken quite a lot of work so those come at a nominal fee of $7.99 BUT you can get a 15% discount with the code: REBECCA15   Here is a link to Kay’s page so you can purchase the e-book and get an instant download:     MENTAL HEALTH JOURNAL GUIDE BIPOLAR DISORDER

For the mood trackers just scroll toward the bottom of the page. Here is a link to Kay’s FREE Daily Mood Trackers:   FREE MOOD TRACKERS

There are two more e-books available. One is for Anxiety and the other is Depression.  The same discount code applies: REBECCA15


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