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The first time I was introduced to a Himalayan salt lamp was in my therapist’s office. At first I couldn’t figure out why she had a weird night light on the end table. So I asked her about it. Apparently it’s quite the remedy for several things and she swore by it. She said she’d never be without one in her office again.

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She explained how it gave off negative ions and cleared the room of electrosmog. That’s all the Electromagnetic radiation all the computers, cell phones, etc. were giving off. She said it also collected allergens and that the negative ions helped with mood as well as the warm lighting. She said it calmed anxiety and relieved depression. She really believed this but I was skeptical. So I decided to learn more about it.

Dr. Axe has a REALLY good article about Himalayan salt and the lamps made from it. I would seriously encourage you to take a look at it.
https://draxe.com/himalayan-salt-lamp/ In the article it talks about everything including how to tell a quality lamp from a poor one.

The idea is that the lamp is warmed from the light bulb inside and gives off the ions in return for collecting any moisture in the area that will pull the pollutants onto the salt. The salt will later dry out and can be used again.

The most fascinating part of the lamps is the influence over mood that users claim the lamp has. As someone having bipolar disorder and prone to depression, anxiety and irritability I noticed it had a quieting effect on me. I just kind of zoned out on it because I was fascinated by it. The color took a bit of getting used to as it was an odd pinkish orange but the soothing nature of the lamp made up quickly for any novel curiosity I had initially.

Now I want a lamp in my bedroom to help me calm down to sleep or to look at while I practice mindful meditation. There are so many benefits to having the Himalayan Salt lamp that I want to have a couple and some candle holders to give off the negative ions throughout the house. Can these lamps cure bipolar disorder, depression and anxiety single handedly? Obviously not! But I am of a frame of mind that I will take all the players on my team I can get to utilize each of their benefits and win this game of mental health Gotcha! the universe is playing with me. I’m gonna win! And if it takes a couple of salt lamps to help you betcha I’m all in. Now I just need to be more regular with my yoga…


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