Faces of Bipolar Disorder (PART 7) “Bipolar Mania”

This video covers the different kinds of mania and how important it is to recognize in diagnosing bipolar disorder rather than being diagnosed as just depressed.  There are different kinds of mania– mania, hypomania and mixed states.


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Faces of Bipolar Disorder (PART 7) _Bipolar Mania_


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  1. julzygirl2112

    I have bipolar 1. I found the video helpful. But like so many others, I can’t take any combination of meds to help. Maybe we should start informing people that meds don’t work for everyone. This does not mean that treatment won’t help. Therapy might help. There are a lot of alternatives that can help. It’s hard to have to go that route but doable in time. Self awareness was key for me. I know that this is meant to be an informative video but bipolar seems to evolve and change so for those like me, there needs to be hope. My plan includes people having to check on me when manic sometimes because I have had psychosis. I have an emotional support animal too and sometimes if I think I am hallucinating, I check his responses. That helps. I have a big tool box full of tools that I use.

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