Learn What An Emotional Trigger Is And How to Manage Your Response To The Unavoidable Ones

So what is an emotional trigger anyway?

A scene in a story I read?

A-1 Appliance Parts

A passage in music I hear?

A look on a face?

Tone of voice?

Come on I may as well be like Spongebob after he hurts himself while playing outside. He decides that as a Sponge his only recourse is to act like one and sit indoors filtering water. His only friends are three friends of convenience: Chip, Penny, and Used Tissue.

OK so from the bits and pieces I've read a trigger is anything that sets off a negative reaction within you.  For me there are some days all that takes is waking in the morning.


Some smart guy wrote some break through book called "Emotional Intelligence" but I was too inferior to understand the quote I read. Something about Princess Amygdala and a Walnut. 

A couple of blogs break it down pretty well. I don't think the authors came up with anything most major practices haven't already reached a few thousand years ago.  Working Solution? The more self-aware you are the less blind-sided you'll be when a trigger explodes ammo toward you.

Another medically oriented article raises the question as to whether triggers causing heart attacks were worth acknowledging. That is were the triggers relevant enough to be important. I'd think if a trigger set off a heart attack I'd sure want to know more about the gun. Then maybe I could better control the outcome.

So the mechanism holding the trigger and the casualty's response to the ammo are BOTH important. Maybe.  That would take some real discipline on the part of the party involved to meditate and be mindful enough to mitigate the damage.

Until I can get to that point medication softens the blows for me like kevlar…not nearly invincible but a lot better than nothing. The other crucial part of the puzzle is a tiny but strong support network: family, friends, neighbors, and definitely some therapy and/or psychiatric support. That's just like the picture above. Coincidence?? Think not.

I wish others understood what its like being an exposed raw nerve ending. Its a lot like sensitive teeth. A little hot or cold on protected teeth no problem. But the same on sensitive teeth and OUCH!! Pain.  

Funny it didn't even occur to me till now that while the stimulus may be different the same result occurs.. discomfort. Hmm. Wonder why?

Well I don't know that I learned enough in my surfing about triggers but I learned meditation or prayer seems to help folks and writing down a list or paragraph or brainstorm or flowchart can help lots to figure things out.  

Write the thing that gave you the cause to pause+the actual feeling -ideas to distance the two=so next time you'll be less likely to jump or freeze up.

Anyway figuring out how to live life rather than sit in bed "filtering water" to avoid pain or discomfort is a "far sight" better than being a genuine Sponge.

Don't be trigger happy get trigger saavy!



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