Little Pieces Come Together


One of my dearest friends passed away a while ago. She took great care of me. I needed it. Pre-bipolar diagnosis things came to a head in my life and I pushed her away for good so as to spare her my drama. She deserved better.

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For about 14 years I went without her support and charity. By the time I got my act together I decided to search for her on Facebook. That is how I found out. I just missed her by a very few weeks. I miss her.

However I managed to pick up an angel in the process. Not the obvious but her younger sister pops up when least expected and shines light in my life much like her older sis.   I like to think I’ve got a friend though I haven’t been there for her as she grieves. Maybe the time will soon come where I can be more the friend she deserves.

So outta the blue she wishes me Happy Birthday. Such a pleasant surprise I call her an angel. She comments about her sister being the Angel. I say some lamely formed thought aimed at being comforting.

Not 48 hours later there it is. My messenger. An angel themed charm bracelet. I race to order the right size to no avail. SOLD OUT. The next size hurry and get the next size!!  Got them.. One for her and one for me.

Finally today they arrived in the mail. Geez. Mine barely fits. I knew they’d probably need bracelet extenders. Call the jewelry store but they say come in they’ll have to take a look. Zoom over and talk to the guy. He takes it behind the glass to the jeweler. Anxious waiting.

The gentleman returns. There it is. I am blown away. About 7 links in a chain an inch or two long. I really can’t believe it. They are nearly identical to the original bracelet. The extension will be so much better than I imagined and virtually seamless. Then he says, “..unfortunately this is our only one AND we can’t order anymore..” I got the last one!!!

I am so excited I immediately arrange it and am able to pick it up just a few hours later. I have wrapped it and packaged it with a greeting card. I will send it out in the morning.

Okay so it’s simple at worst humble at best. But I feel like somebody opened the door to allow me to be of service. To gift someone with happy thoughts makes for better memories during hard times. I feel like my friend is allowing me to partner up and surprise her little sister.

What’s more the bracelet is whimsical, dignified, and warm just like my friend. Plus, so I hear, the last days of my friend’s life she spent making bracelets for the women she loved. Now tell me all the little pieces coming together is just in my head!!


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