slice of bread

Breads and Meds


I am very fortunate.  With
persistence rooted in….more persistence…I have been helped by my doctors over the last 7 or so years.  That is to say I finally have a good mix of meds to ease my symptoms.

I have a roof over head and clothes on my back as it were.  Gratefully my children do too. They also have a level headed and reasonable mother. Which was the original goal years ago.

We value home baked bread and time together being bored.  I don’t make enough to spend much on entertainment.  But the bread is from a bread machine so modern technology isn’t lost on us.  The entertaining comes from developing patience waiting for the bread!

Because of the medication supporting peaceful decision making  we get along. The kind, warm, positive relationships are priceless…to use an over used word.

All in all 2014 is starting off well. I do hope it continues.


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