For five almost six years I have been working mostly full time but always at the same job.  This is thanks to the Dept of Mental Health and then the Dept of Rehabilitation that found me the job to begin with.  That is not to say many helping hands along the way don’t deserve just as much credit getting me to work-  they do.

I dragged my carcass into the DMH and jumped hoops for a year and a half trying, with a doctors help, to discover the right meds for me.  When I thought I was ready I asked my doctor if I could work.  He said yes and referred me to the Dept of Rehab.  I got a job quickly from what I was told and even I knew it was a pretty good one.

I support myself and with medical insurance have been able to get to a point where I think the medication combination is finally right- or as close as I may get to right, for me that is.

And now I’m furloughed!     houserules012213

Ironically over health care and the budget.  Now my pay is frozen and I don’t know where my medical insurance stands.  I wish they would reach a consensus in Washington quite soon …so I can get back to work.


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