Science of Heartbreak

This little video just seems so applicable after today’s Shootings.   The heart break is on so many levels and with so many individuals now.  I don’t know if the shooter was mentally ill but he sure wasn’t mentally well.  Yes maybe the cartoon is a little lightweight for what we need but I believe it aptly breaks down Pain both physical and emotional.  It makes sense that both should come from the same brain chemistry since our heads are only so big something is bound to be recycled.  As far as heads go I can wrap mine around this basic concept.  But how much pain does a shooter have to be in to commit such crime? Or has the individual moved long past that into some twisted euphoria?  When does Homicidal Ideation cross the boundry?  The first time it happens, the second, the third?  When the finger hits the trigger?  I say why tempt fate, a cruel mistress, and get to a Psychiatrist ASAP.  Suicidal Ideation is what got me to the Dept. of Mental Health.  I knew something wasn’t Healthy about what I was thinking.  Maybe shooters can’t tell when something is unhealthy/healthy.


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