Black and Orange

The Special asks can Batman have his jet made in orange.

He says he ONLY works in black! …and sometimes very, very dark gray. (!)

I laughed at that exchange.  I work under similar conditions.  Either a very gray overcast of fatigue and a black undertone of negativity or a bright orange optimism.

That’s not what was intended here ….     But you can find inspiration about anywhere if you want to or are desperate enough to look.

Hopefully Legos doesn’t mind me using their stuff to build my ideas. They have been over a decade long tradition in our house and a couple of years on YouTube.

I stumbled across this in the movie theater yesterday and it has been on my mind since.  Maybe you have little things that jump out at you that keep you going. Feel free to share!



    1. rebquist

      Thank you I wish my work environment were as clear. Mine however is as muddled with matters as the next person’s…. then there’s the bipolar. Thank you so much for reading and supporting my effort to extend myself. I hope I function well and better in the future.


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