Month: September 2013


Okay so I heard this song recently and it struck me in more ways than one.  At this point in time fighting Bipolar symptoms seems like fighting the ashes of Vesuvius. At best I can only “manage” the disorder.  Knowing this gives cause for hopelessness.  But maybe that’s not the real battle!  Maybe the battle […]


Black and Orange

The Special asks can Batman have his jet made in orange. He says he ONLY works in black! …and sometimes very, very dark gray. (!) I laughed at that exchange.  I work under similar conditions.  Either a very gray overcast of fatigue and a black undertone of negativity or a bright orange optimism. That’s not […]


Look to the Skies

So he says, for his money, negativity is like clouds passing in front of the sun. Just wait through them. They are only emotions. For me a native to So. California this is brilliant to realize. It takes my breath away. – But I’m Bipolar. My experience is more like the skies of London.  This […]